Water Licensing

The Cubbie Ag's diversion is regulated by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines, by Waterworks licences.  These licences allow water harvesting into our storage system from the rivers of the Lower Balonne.

The water harvesting activities of the company are regulated under the Water Act 2000 and the area's Water Resource Plan (WRP). Extraction from the Lower Balonne rivers will be permitted under the authority of a water allocation at the completion of the Resource Operational Plan (ROP).

Cubbie Ag diverts from three rivers on the Lower Balonne:

    In St George - Balonne River (This includes allocation water diverted by the Sunwater Irrigation Project)
    In Dirranbandi - Balonne Minor River and Culgoa River

The company also has a 3,768 megalitre allocation from the St George Irrigation Project.  This project is owned by Sunwater, a Queensland Government owned corporation. This allocation of 3,768 megalitres is 5% of the allocation for the St George Irrigation Project.

At Cubbie Station Dirranbandi, water is also diverted from the floodplain.  This diverted volume of water would have been naturally consumed through seepage, evaporation and evapo-transpiration in the areas that are now levied off from the floodplain as storage and field areas. Extraction of this volume of water has no impact on the volume of water passing downstream of Cubbie, as stated in the Water Resources Plan.

The company total capacity is 537,000 megalitres:

    462,000 megalitres at Dirranbandi
    75,000 megalitres at St George

The total capacity can only fully fill in a major flood. On average this size flood occurs one in ten years. Licensed extraction from smaller flood events allows partial filling.

The total private storage capacity in the Lower Balonne is approximately 1,200,000 megalitres.  Cubbie Ag represents 45% of this capacity.  However, after incorporating the St George Irrigation Area diversions into the total average diversions, and the fact that some of the 1,200,000 megalitre capacity fills to full capacity more regularly than the company's 537,000 megalitres, Cubbie Ag represents about 30% of the total average diversions in the Lower Balonne.

When looking at the entire Condamine Balonne River System, Cubbe Ag equates to approximately 20% of the total licensed extraction.

All storage capacity is constructed on private freehold land.

All storage and distribution construction has been funded by private dollars expended by the two merged entities.