Our Research in Water Efficiency

Cubbie Ag, in conjunction with a number of companies is currently conducting field trials in regard to establishing a mono-layer over water storage surfaces to reduce evaporation losses from its storage system.

To date Cubbie Ag has constructed its storage system to the maximum depths allowed by law. This ensures the minimum in surface area prone to evaporation. The company's storages are structured so that as the water levels reduce, water can be moved from one storage to another, again reducing surface area and therefore reducing evaporation.

Since 1994  we have continually focused on water efficiency measures in crop production. The need to monitor and then manage in order to maximise water use efficiency is vital to sustainable farming. New technology, such as C-Probe moisture monitors and advanced telemetry, allow us to real-time monitor irrigation placement, and timing and to visualise crop moisture usage. This technology has made total integrated water management possible.