Our Farming Sustainability

An Environmental Sustainability Plan has been compiled for Cubbie Ag properties at Dirranbandi.  The remaining Cubbie Ag properties at St George will be included in this plan over the next twelve months.

The Cubbie Ag is also developing a Salinity Management Plan for all properties.  The bulk of this work has been undertaken.

    40 Piezometers (bores that allow you to measure the depth of underground water tables) exist over the Cubbie Ag properties, another 20 piezometers are in the process of being installed.

Cubbie Ag's development has received all the necessary approvals.

All development, where necessary, has also undergone evaluation through community consultative processes.  Namely, all levees at Dirranbandi have been assessed and comply with the Lower Balonne Floodplain Management Plan.  This plan was developed by the Lower Balonne Advisory Committee.  The committee, formed in the early '90's, represents all stakeholders, including graziers and irrigators on the floodplain.  Its goal was to develop a plan that would assess development proposals under a voluntary 'Code of Best Practice' methodology.

Cubbie Ag is fully compliant with the cotton industry's 'Best Management Practice' process.